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All the Stuff We Cooked 49 recipes by Frederik Bille Brahe

All the Stuff We Cooked 49 recipes by Frederik Bille Brahe

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Welcome to the revised edition of Frederik Bille Brahe's highly sought-after debut cookbook, All the Stuff We Cooked, which emerged during that peculiar period when we collectively experienced our first taste of lockdown. Born from the simplicity and sincerity inherent in Frederik's culinary ethos, this book was conceived from the confines of our individual abodes, inspired by a desire to share recipes that echo the essence of his renowned restaurants in Copenhagen—Atelier September, Apollo Bar, and Kafeteria—as well as the meals he prepares at home for his loved ones. To enrich the visual experience, we enlisted the talents of Japanese artist Masanao Hirayama, whose understated linework complements Frederik's photography seamlessly.

The outcome? All the Stuff We Cooked: 44 recipes for uncomplicated yet thoughtful dishes, offering a glimpse into the culinary world of Frederik Bille Brahe. The heartfelt response from readers who purchased and cooked from the initial edition was truly touching. In this updated version, we've included an additional five recipes—'a few more things we cooked that didn't quite make it into the first edition'—serving as the proverbial cherry on top.

304 pages, soft cover
ISBN: 978-84-09-28826-7

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