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André Tavares: "Vitruvius without text" The Biography of a book

André Tavares: "Vitruvius without text" The Biography of a book

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Vitruvius's ancient work, De architectura, crafted in the initial century BCE, has been lauded as the premier discourse on architectural theory. Following its revival in the Renaissance era, its cryptic content has undergone modifications, enhancements, and reinterpretations in subsequent renditions. The present tome sidesteps in-depth interpretations of the text, opting instead to delve into the tangible chronicle of the disseminated printed versions across Europe. It scrutinizes over a century's worth of editions of Vitruvius from 1486 onward, mapping the influence of the printed medium in establishing the Roman author as an authoritative figure. By concentrating on the impact of the physical manifestations embodying the Vitruvian principles, attention is drawn to the interconnected nature of book history and architectural evolution. This sheds light on the mutual connection between the printed and the constructed, portraying a convoluted trajectory threading between practical application and theoretical discourse a subtle network of purposeful nonchalance in the realm of architecture.

11,5___17_cm, softcover
276 pages, 61 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-85676-422-7

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