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Black Mountain Conversations - Annelies de Mey

Black Mountain Conversations - Annelies de Mey

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The Black Mountain is the archetype of a mountain that seems unmountable and indestructible because of its steep mountainside The past and future can have no influence on its power and immortality Annelies de Mey has respect for the absoluteness of the mountain She believes in the moment of encounter and waits for the moon the sun and the snow

Black Mountain Conversations offers the possibility to look at and experience the book in three different ways If we flip the book backwards we only see the soft blue sky If we flip the book from front to back we only see the Black Mountain But if we just leaf through the book the images of the mountain and the sky alternate each other We experience the interaction between the enclosed landscape and the open sight of the sky It makes the mountain appear and disappear and makes it possible to meet it over and over again

Nominated Best Photobook 2017 at Photo Espaa

84 pages
184 _ 26 cm
ISBN 9789490800734

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