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Apartamento Cookbook #8: Tuber, or Not Tuber?

Apartamento Cookbook #8: Tuber, or Not Tuber?

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Tuber or not Tuber? THAT is the question we pose in this year's annual Apartamento cookbook, as we delve into the depths of culinary exploration inspired by Shakespeare's iconic lines from Hamlet. Departing from previous editions that focused on pantry staples, spices, or confections, Apartamento Cookbook #8: Root or not Root? invites readers to contemplate the essence of tubers and root vegetables. Each recipe is accompanied by a playful 'Root Check,' transforming the traditional cookbook experience into an engaging culinary game that introduces readers to a diverse array of subterranean delights.

Featuring contributions from esteemed chefs such as James Beard Award winner Corey Lee, Noma flavor scientist Arielle Johnson, royal baker Claire Ptak, Oaxacan cuisine ambassador Thalia Barrios García, and visual artist Motoyuki Daifu, among others, the cookbook showcases tubers and their botanical relatives in various forms, from vibrant salads to crispy enyucados and refreshing horchata. Swiss Design Award recipient Olga Prader adds whimsy to the pages with her delightful illustrations, guiding readers on a journey deep into the earth's flavorful treasures.

Drawings by Olga Prader
Featuring: Aimar Córdoba, Alice Moireau, Anna Sulan Masing, Arielle Johnson, Carlos Alfonso, Claire Ptak, Coralie Jouhier and Daquis Gomis, Corey Lee, Maria Haddad, Motoyuki Daifu, Nic Dowse, Niram Watthanasit, Rosie Healey, Sally Grainger, Thalia Barrios García, and Vadim Otto Ursus.

40 pages, hard cover
170 x 240 mm
ISBN: 978-84-09-53991-8

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