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Atelier September: A place for daytime cooking

Atelier September: A place for daytime cooking

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Atelier September: A place for daytime cooking stands as the premier culinary tome dedicated to the illustrious Copenhagen eatery, presenting a collection of recipes curated by owner Frederik Bille Brahe, who graciously unveils the secrets behind Atelier September's signature dishes. Within its pages lie eighty-six recipes, predominantly vegetarian renditions of breakfast, lunch, delectable treats, and beloved Atelier September classics, such as the renowned 'Avocado mad', all crafted with an emphasis on utilizing fresh, seasonal produce. Frederik shares recipes for airy, financier-like pancakes, seasonal soups and salads, and indulgent matcha-infused desserts with the same warmth and familiarity that characterized his initial foray into cookbook authorship with Apartamento's acclaimed All the Stuff We Cooked. Complemented by introspective musings and poetic interludes authored by Frederik himself, Atelier September offers readers a glimpse into the restaurant's humble beginnings and culinary influences, providing a rich backstory to what has since become a culinary institution in Copenhagen. Edited by Jeni Porter and featuring stunning photography by Rasmus Weng Karlsen, Atelier September serves as a heartfelt homecoming—both in the nostalgia stirred by familiar flavors and elegant imagery, as well as in the enduring connections forged over shared meals.

256 pages
215 x 297 mm
ISBN: 978-84-09-55777-6

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