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Dirty Furniture

Dirty Furniture - Bed Edition 6/6

Dirty Furniture - Bed Edition 6/6

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Title: Bed - Dirty Furniture Magazine (Issue Six)
Author: Various contributors
Publisher: Dirty Furniture
ISBN: 9780993351150
208 pages, color & black-and-white illustrations, 13 x 20 cm, paperback, English.

Conceived as the final installment in a finite printed series of six, each issue of Dirty Furniture explores diverse topics spanning politics, design, history, technology, psychology, manufacturing, art, and the peculiar, centering around a specific piece of furniture. In this concluding issue, 'Bed', the magazine delves into how the bed, sleep, and the absence of it shape our lives. Contributors share experiences with sleep-monitoring devices, contemplate the significance of the beds they were born in, and discuss the screen's role in alleviating insomnia. The issue explores the evolution of the duvet as a wardrobe staple, engages with sheep, and delves into the architecture of dreams. Featuring contributions by Oli Stratford, Formafantasma, Charles Holland, Philippa Snow, Pillow Culture, Catharine Rossi, Miguel Arjona, Anne Galloway, and many more.

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