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Bobby Doherty Dream About Nothing

Bobby Doherty Dream About Nothing

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Renowned still-life photographer Doherty pushes the boundaries of his precise visual language into realms of inarticulation and unconscious association in a daring series of unique image compositions, intricately connected and resonating with one another.

On their own, each of Bobby Dohertys photographs appears straightforwarda flower, a drinks can, a courgette, followed by an alloy wheel. Yet, collectively, their meanings become distorted. A popsicle photo carries a different weight when juxtaposed with a battered butterfly. But what is the viewer meant to focus on? Doherty's images provoke questions about our perceptions of the mundane versus the special, ultimately leading to a deeper inquiry: one that transcends mere preference for one subject over another, but instead delves into the fundamental question of existence itself.

In "Dream About Nothing," Doherty embarks on a more introspective exploration of his consistently remarkable visual practice. He encourages viewers to step back from the visual overload typical of much contemporary still-life and observational photography, presenting a carefully curated lineup of observed objects and scenes. What significance lies within?

Doherty approaches this question with earnestness, beyond the serotonin-inducing colors and satisfying compositions of his images. Over five years of continuous photography, both in and out of the studio, Doherty arranges images in a manner that defies conventional categorization, stripping away the warmer tones of his previous work in "Seabird." These pictures urge us to experience, albeit somewhat uncomfortably, the essence of a photographic voice, challenging our understanding of visual categories and demanding both more and less from each photograph. From the grand to the minute, the flawed to the pristine, "Dream About Nothing" showcases Bobby Doherty's ability to weave magic as he eagerly anticipates the turn of each page, inviting viewers into his captivating visual world.

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