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Casa Brutus No. 285

Casa Brutus No. 285

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Casa BRUTUS, published monthly by Magazine House, explores lifestyle and design topics including fashion, architecture, gourmet cuisine, travel, and art. Each issue is released on the 10th of the month.

New Nordic
Modern Scandinavian Furniture

Discover a curated selection of 200 pieces of Nordic furniture and interior design examples from various cities across Scandinavia.

Scandinavian furniture plays a significant role in Japanese interior design, featuring timeless classics by designers like Hans J. Wegner and Alvar Aalto. Events such as "3daysofdesign" in Copenhagen, Denmark, are gaining popularity, showcasing the latest trends in Scandinavian design. Emerging brands, galleries, and media are reshaping the traditional image of Scandinavian furniture, with interviews featuring key figures from Copenhagen and other Northern European cities. Stay informed with the latest insights into Scandinavian furniture, an essential topic in today's design landscape.

Nordic Brands
Representing Contemporary Scandinavia
Nico June / Hem / Pandol / Hey
Fredericia / Louis Poulsen
Fritz Hansen / Le Klint
Varnie Vocco / Montana / Zero / Gubi / Corbo
Carl Hansen & Son / Leefa
PP Mobler / Getama / Mut / Tact
Artek / Harderan / Northern / Gotland Sheep

Inspiring Homes
Homes of Creatives in Scandinavian Cities
Nils Stroyer Kristoffersen (Frama)
Petrus Palmer (Hem)
Christian Halleroed & Ruxandra Halleroed (Halleroed)
Philip Auerbeck (&Tradition)
Ole Hostborg (Dansk Møbelkunst)
Kari Korkman (Helsinki Design Week)
Karin Karlander (Textile Designer)
Peter Mahler Sorensen (PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED)

Printed Media
Magazines from the North
Ark Journal (Copenhagen)
The New Era Magazine (Stockholm)

Key Figures
Influential Leaders in the Scene
Lotta Agathon (Interior Designer)
Maria Foreu (Etage Projects)
Julius Varnes Iversen (Tableau)
All the Way to Paris (Design Studio)
Juhani Lemmetti (Gallery Lemmetti)
Oliver Gustav (Studio Oliver Gustav)

50 Designers
Highlighting 50 Influential Designers and Their Works from Northern Europe

Takashi Honma Reflects on TANGE
Sho Sakurai's Architectural Journey
East Meets West at Kashiyuka Shoten
Tomomi Nagayama's Design Exploration
Keiko Kodera's Restaurant Picks
Yoriko Hoshi's Casa Cat Corner
Timeless Cars: Appreciating Well-Designed Automobiles Over Time
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