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Closing Ceremony 03: Smile Issue

Closing Ceremony 03: Smile Issue

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Closing Ceremony, the Chinese contemporary photography magazine, returns with its latest issue focused on one of the most ubiquitous commands in photography: "Smile!"

Exploring the nuances of this seemingly simple directive, the works showcased by collaborators, artists, and photographers delve into the complexities of the "transient moment of staged happiness." Despite its surface positivity, smiling carries with it a range of implications in today's world, including heightened surveillance, the artificiality of emotions perpetuated by advertising, and the eerie grins often found in fashion photography.

Featured artists in this issue include Chris Maggio, PZ Opassuksatit, Roe Ethridge, David Brandon Greeting, Max Siedentopf, Lucas Blalock, Peter De Potter, Feng Li, Fish Zhang, Guillaume Blondiau, Karolina Wjtas, and more.
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