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David Berg: Bialetti A catalogue

David Berg: Bialetti A catalogue

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In the 1920s, situated in Northern Italy, the Bialetti brothers Camillo, Cezaro, and Alfonso fabricated aluminum household items within their workshops. Renato Bialetti, Alfonso's son, took hold of the family brand, streamlined the manufacturing of stovetop coffee makers in the early 1950s, and distributed around 300 million pots globally. In a bid to outdo competitors, the controversial entrepreneur Renato Bialetti, eschewing the need for records, prototypes, or archives, resorted to producing replicas of his product. In this informational void, artist David Berg commenced the collection of Bialetti machines from the vicinity of the dilapidated factory, second-hand markets, and flagship stores. This book is Berg's rendition of a Bialetti catalog, offering insights into the precision engineering production process. Enriched by accounts from family members, former factory workers, and union representatives, it unravels the story of Bialettian icon of the twentieth century, no longer a ubiquitous presence in today's kitchens.

This publication is supported by: The Museum of Anthropocene Technology (MAT), Flanders State of the Art, Platform 0090, Design Museum Ghent, and Photographic Expanded Publishing Athens. David Berg, an artist, resides in Athens and Brussels. His creations beckon the public to engage in a journey through hybrid and post-digital formats, silent "walk pieces," time-based installations, and writing projects (both spoken and written).

80 pages, 69 black and white, color illustrations
ISBN: 9783959057592

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