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Death Book lll - Drawing One Last Breath

Death Book lll - Drawing One Last Breath

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The third edition of the DEATH BOOK compiles contemporary interpretations of mortality, presented through various mediums such as drawings, illustrations, and paintings.

In times before the invention of photography, our understanding of death was shaped by illustrations, paintings, and the direct observation of deceased bodies undergoing decay. These visual representations often served to impart moral lessons or romanticize the concept of death. For example, Vanitas paintings were crafted to remind viewers of the fleeting nature of life and the emptiness of worldly possessions. Similarly, the Japanese Kuszu tradition depicted the gradual decay of the body across nine stages, serving as a caution against indulging in physical desires. Romanticized portrayals of war urged viewers to support noble causes.

In this third edition of the DEATH BOOK, you'll encounter a diverse array of symbols and motifs associated with mortality, including skulls, violence, accidents, spirits, corpses, sexual themes, and religious symbolism referencing Christ. These artworks prompt reflection on our mortality, eliciting responses that range from humor to arousal to solemn contemplation.

While capturing the true essence of death and its associated pain is inherently challenging, the works featured in the book strive to convey the agony, sorrow, and occasional humor intertwined with mortality.

DEATH BOOK III is creatively directed by PZtoday, who has designed the book with the format reminiscent of a Bible or address book. It includes an introduction by Pernilla Ellens and Lauren Raaijmakers, showcasing contributions from artists such as Alicia Gibson, Christina Quarles, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Ellen Cantor, Franko B, Hermann Nitsch, Ion Birch, Keith Boadwee, Lin Ke, Mike Diana, Namio Harukawa, Oliver Eales, Patrick Wray, PZtoday, Qiu Xiaofei, Richard Hawkins, Sutapa Biswas, Toshio Saeki, Urs Lthi, Vittorio Scarpati, Will Henry, Julien Ceccaldi, and many others.

86 pages
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