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Fluent in the Languages of my Selves by Isaiah Lopaz

Fluent in the Languages of my Selves by Isaiah Lopaz

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Fluent in the Languages of my Selves is the first in the blue notes series. blue notes publishes intersectional voices and invites us to explore marginalized experiences and perspectives in short literary and visual formats. Like the blue notes, they create resistant dissonances.

In his essay, the writer and artist Isaiah Lopaz tells of recovered memories, yearning desires and the bitter and painful disappointment that his place of refuge, Europe, became. His text powerfully bears witness to how, despite racism and exclusion, he finds himself in his diverse and polyphonic identities, where he develops his own poetic language and power. The text is accompanied by thirteen collages from the Anthology/Appendix series, which explores themes of diaspora, desire, isolation and belonging.

14 x 21 cm
Language: English, German
ISBN: 978-3-948174-17-0

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