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Grafikmagazin 01.24 Packaging Design

Grafikmagazin 01.24 Packaging Design

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In the latest issue of Graphic Magazine 01.24, the spotlight is on "Packaging Design." Here, projects are showcased that are pioneering new approaches in packaging design. It emphasizes that sustainability and aesthetics are not mutually exclusive but rather make design more demanding and, at the same time, more exciting. The Graphic Magazine illustrates how the industry is making significant strides and addressing the challenges of packaging waste.

In this issue, a new focus theme is introduced, showcasing what communication design can do for public spaces. While architects and urban planners typically shape public areas, graphic designers can also enhance, transform, and make our environment more accessible for everyone. For instance, in Konstanz, a dreary and unpleasant underpass has been transformed into an urban open-air gallery, a thesis project raises awareness about light pollution, and an app guides users through the city, connecting personal stories with historical knowledge.

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