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Grundkurs: What is Architecture About? Pier Paolo Tamburelli

Grundkurs: What is Architecture About? Pier Paolo Tamburelli

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In this compilation of unconventional tutorials, architect and educator Pier Paolo Tamburelli delves into the fundamental principles of architecture, presenting a series of innovative and open-ended perspectives on shaping our environment. Originally crafted for Vienna Technical University's 'Grundkurs', or 'basic course', Tamburelli's teachings are conveyed through annotated sketches that serve as the foundation of his lectures ranging from raw to precise, from sarcastic to sincere, always uniquely expressive. This volume serves as a visually captivating repository of architectural concepts, offering an accessible and discursive introduction to the field. It celebrates the intuitive processes of note-taking, drawing, and association, veering away from grand theories to embrace the richness of these fundamental practices.

Tamburelli's lessons revolve around dialectical pairs such as Roof/Wall, Shelter/Memory, and Language/Action, providing an experimental and often provocative framework for engaging with architecture. He places trust in the evocative power of imagery to transcend the constraints of traditional theoretical approaches, cherishing the fluid wisdom of the note-taking process and reveling in the intrigue of cryptic messages left for introspection. Presented here in their entirety, these eight lessons offer myriad pathways toward understanding, navigating, and reimagining architecture, catering to both novices and experts seeking an intimate and rejuvenating encounter with this ancient discipline.

Featuring an introduction by the author and a text by Mark Lee, Chair of the Department of Architecture at Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Paperback with flap
20.8 x 29 cm, 232 pages

ISBN 978-1-913620-95-0

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