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In/formal Marketplaces - Experiments with Urban Reconfiguration

In/formal Marketplaces - Experiments with Urban Reconfiguration

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Informality is experiencing an unprecedented surge: Its transformative influence is evident in the novel methods of production, consumption, and lifestyle that have emerged. From transient work arrangements to online services, and from street food vendors to temporary retail setups, commerce plays a pivotal role in these shifts. However, nowhere is the tension between formality and informality more pronounced than in the struggles witnessed in contested marketplaces. This publication offers a nuanced exploration of the intricate connections between formality and informality that have shaped some of the world's largest and most distinctive open-air markets. Through compelling visual analyses of markets in cities like Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Dubai, and New York, it unveils the concealed relationships among informal trade, neoliberal governance, and urban progress.

448 pages, colour & bw illustrations
17 x 24 cm
ISBN 9789462088092
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