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Victory Journal Issue #6: Blood & Asphalt

Victory Journal Issue #6: Blood & Asphalt

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Famed for its exceptional photography, Victory Journal showcases the raw essence of athletes' dedication, resilience, and passion across its expansive, generously sized pages. Embracing a comprehensive perspective on sports, this edition delves into the profound emotional tapestry woven into significant events, illustrating how such gripping moments can shape destinies. Get ready to immerse yourself in narratives of victory and defeat, while marveling at the stunning photography and captivating illustrations adorning its striking, richly detailed layouts.

Victory Journal Issue 6 delves into the realms familiar to any urban dweller in search of triumph: blood and asphalt. Its discerning gaze traverses epochs and moods, from Anthony Blasko's evocative images capturing the intensity of the UFC clash between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson, to the fluid brushstrokes of illustrator David Rathman immortalizing the Montreal Grand Prix, and to the timeless portraits of handball athletes in Miami Beach by the legendary photo-realist Jerome Liebling. An excerpt from Rick Telander's revered 1974 basketball chronicle, "Heaven is a Playground," offers a nostalgic glimpse into the ethos of Brooklyn's past, while Massaer Ndiaye and Alessandro Simonetti shed light on Senegal's rich wrestling heritage. It's a celebration infused with the essence of hard-earned victory, where sweat mingles with glory.

159 pages
41 cm x 30 cm

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