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Magazine B - Issue N°50 SEOUL 2nd

Magazine B - Issue N°50 SEOUL 2nd

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Magazine B is a monthly publication without advertisements that features a unique brand from around the world in each issue. It provides in-depth stories about the brand, its culture, and its philosophy, appealing to those interested in brand marketing and management. Seoul, South Korea's capital and a megacity home to 10 million, has rapidly industrialized since the Korean War, becoming a powerhouse in the semiconductor and automotive industries. This dynamic city fosters innovation in technology and entertainment, contributing to its global recognition. The special edition of B magazine explores Seoul's celebrated status and its promising future through the lifestyles of its most creative residents. This issue delves into the aspirational and hybrid styles of Seoul's youth, particularly those in their 30s and 40s, who have drawn inspiration from more developed urban centers to shape a unique, cosmopolitan Seoul culture.

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