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Jocko Weyland Egg Strike on Orchard

Jocko Weyland Egg Strike on Orchard

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On a temperate, breezy autumn evening in 1991, Jeff Pang, Ivan Perez, Harold Hunter, and Peter Huynh kindly permitted a slightly older companion to join them, armed with a Pentax K-1000 loaded with a sole roll of Kodak EPL 5075 color slide film. Capturing the groundbreaking elements of emerging urban fashion, amidst pedestrians, abundant graffiti, and the distinctive presence of COST and REVS in the background. A two-hour excursion from the intersection of Bleecker and Broadway to Lafayette, then down to Ray's on Prince for a slice, before arriving at Orchard Street, where the notable egg incident occurred. Upon excavation three decades later, only a dozen slides remained, the remainder of the roll discarded along the journey. Nevertheless, a dozen slides suffice to convey the adventures of four talented and playful adolescents, along with their chronicler, enveloped in a blend of unprecedented physical activity and thrilling stimuli coursing through Lower Manhattan. A concise documentation of a now legendary and pioneering moment in history, a vivid and streetlamp-illuminated gateway to a bygone era before the then-unimaginable surge of popularization, commercialization, and omnipresence. "Egg Strike on Orchard" amalgamates contemporary illustrations inspired by these thirty-year-old images, a reflective and contemplative long-form essay evoking that era, and the photographs at the heart of this alternately lively and introspective narrative of a fleeting moment in time, whose participants were blissfully unaware and unconcerned about the future. JW. Design by Charlotte de Mezamat.

48 pages
15 x 21 cm

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