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KALEIDOSCOPEs new issue 43 FallWinter 2023 launches with a set of six covers

In her current retrospective exhibition at Berlins Neue Nationalgalerie ISA GENZKEN presents 75 sculptural assemblages from across her career to celebrate her 75th birthday On this occasion Kyla McDonal sorted through her archive of invitation cardshistorical documents which double as allegories of communication and traces of an unfixed identity


In our frontofthebook section ESCAPE TO MIAMI portrays the most southernly city in the US existing in the tropical recesses of the American imagination land of celebrity thunderstorms Tony Montana and Art Deco architecture Here we meet the latest generation of Miamianscommitted radicals in the fields of art fashion and music who are dreaming up new narratives for the city they call home Featuring Andrew Downtown Cat Power Susan Kim Alvarez Nite Owl DriveIn and Rice Hotel photographed by Sam Hayes

For this issues Carte Blanche section KALEIDOSCOPE invites independent Parisbased publisher RED LEBANESE to present Hanabi a new project by Pablo Jomaron and Ben Dorado In this space of freedom they confront and juxtapose their work to invent new narratives focusing on personal storytelling through their respective photographic practices

Also featured in this issue Londonbased band Bar Italia photography by Jessica Madavo and interview by Conor McTernan the archives of Hysteric Glamour photography by Lorenzo Dalbosco and interview by Akio Kunisawa Japanese underground illustrator Yoshitaka Amano words by Alex Shulan Marseillebased young artist Sara Sadik photography by Nicolas Poillot and interview by Daria Miricola a survey about Japanese hiphops new scene starring Tohji photography by Taito Itateyama and words by Ashley Ogawa Clarke Richard Princes new bookTheEntertainers words by Brad Phillips New Art London featuring Adam FarahSaad Lenard Giller Charlie Osborne RIP Germain and Olukemi Ljiadu photographed by Bolade Banjo and interviewed by Ben Broome


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