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La Fábrica, Ricardo Bofill (revised and extended) – Photography by Nacho Alegre

La Fábrica, Ricardo Bofill (revised and extended) – Photography by Nacho Alegre

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La Fábrica stands as one of Ricardo Bofill's most unconventional masterpieces. Situated on the outskirts of Barcelona, this former cement factory was stumbled upon by chance during a drive, ultimately becoming the focal point of the late Catalan architect's life. Since 1973, it has served not only as his residence but also as the headquarters of his architectural practice. Within its walls, Ricardo cultivated a unique environment, revealing the raw beauty of concrete beneath layers of grime, inviting nature to reclaim the structure, and delicately balancing its imposing scale with human sensitivity—a pioneering example of industrial building repurposing that continues to evolve.

This updated edition builds upon the original book released in 2018, offering exclusive archival photographs courtesy of RBTA and a comprehensive collection of images captured by Nacho Alegre during his numerous visits to La Fábrica over the past decade. Returning in November 2022 to document the site's current state, Alegre provides 32 pages of previously unseen visuals, offering a portrait of Ricardo's beloved creation during a period of significant transformation. With an introduction by Pablo Bofill, the book also includes an interview with Ricardo conducted by Barcelona-based architects Arquitectura-G and Guillermo López—an extended version of the dialogue initially published in issue #11 of Apartamento magazine.

156 pages, hard cover
240 x 285 mm
ISBN: 978-84-09-45948-3

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