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The Metamorphoses continues Letizia Le Furs sensitive interpretation of the myths

This second book inspired by the eponymous work of Ovid evokes the transformations of beings when they must seduce conquer or flee in a nature where plants animals and minerals can be mix and sometimes end up confusing Working with color as a painter would the photographer summons the force of landscapes wild the poetry of the surrounding nature of naked bodies and animals in its images imbued with mystery

Letizia Le Fur took hold of photography and went off on a tangent voluptuously stealing the best that photography has to offer keeping only the substantive marrow transforming it into a marvelous support to better transform it transgress rework it point by point leaf by leaf stone by stone exacerbating the colors thus reconnecting with his first love painting This meticulous work of recomposing images comes from a research method that Letizia Le Fur set up very early on the only way to put herself at the service of a story which fits into the rare and remarkable field of pure poetry The imagination is fully in control and takes us somewhat hallucinated into a spacetime where the dream is &nbsp really &nbsp within sight Nothing seems true in his images but paradoxically we recognize our fundamental link to the cosmos to the powerful magnificence of nature &nbsp in other words we return to the essential and to what is simplest to the world the sea the earth the sky only

As much as the trees and plants seem anchored seem to feed generously on the elements the beings resemble fleeting ghosts apparitions more than designations one would almost wonder if they are not fleeing the History of centuries ago come Showing themselves they hide hiding they show themselves They seem more to cross the elements or to be crossed by them than to seize them Passing through Behind the beauty of these bodies is there a diffuse fear a fragility a temptation not yet in vain to be just another of these elements

French and English
120 pages
235 x 32 cm
ISBN 9791097416577


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