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Louise Bourgeois Fleurs

Louise Bourgeois Fleurs

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Louise Bourgeois 1911 Paris &nbsp 2010 New York grew up near Paris where her parents ran a business restoring tapestries Her childhood was marked by a complicated relationship to her father who cheated on Bourgeois mother with the British nanny This traumatic experience haunted her throughout her life and was the major source of inspiration for her art _After pursuing studies in mathematics Bourgeois attended a number of art schools in Paris In 1938 she married the New York art historian Robert Goldwater 19071973 and moved to New York where she raised three sons with him

In the beginning Bourgeois was focused on painting and printmaking It was not until the late 1940s that she began to work as a sculptor However her almost obsessive writing as well as drawing always remained central forms of expression After the death of her father in 1951 she became intensely involved in psychoanalysis _Bourgeois varied the proportions and unusual materials of her work as much as its forms which oscillated between abstraction and figuration Strong emotions such as loneliness jealousy anger and fear make up the common thread throughout her work

The first major retrospective of Bourgeois work was held at the Museum of Modern Art in New York when she was 70 Subsequently she created her monumental spider sculptures and the famous and uncanny Cells &nbsp structures she enlivened with hanging fabric dolls and other objects Art was her means of working through the past and practicing a kind of exorcism

The first edition or this publication was released in 2022 as a two color Risograph print

28 Pages
195 x 255 cm
Color Offset
Second Edition 2023
ISBN 9783907179703

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