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MacGuffin 13: The Letter

MacGuffin 13: The Letter

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Title: The Letter - Macguffin Magazine
Author: Various contributors
Publisher: Macguffin
ISBN: 24058203
Idea Code: 23744
224 pages, color & black-and-white illustrations, 21 x 28 cm, paperback, English.

'The Letter' extends beyond the alphabet, encompassing language, code, gestures, media, and beyond. This symbol, both magical and mundane, is intricately tied to specific cultures and influenced by the available reproduction technologies of its time. The letter's fascination lies in its context birth, use, abandonment, oblivion, and occasional revival. Explore the history of Scrabble, the world of graffiti, human performances of letters, the culture of protest letters, the significance of memes, typography challenging Western dominance, the nuanced binarity of the French language, the experience of left-handedness, and more within the pages of this edition.

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