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Magazine B - Issue N°89 ARCTERYX

Magazine B - Issue N°89 ARCTERYX

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Arcteryx originally named Rock Solid is a climbing gear label based out of Vancouver Canada Dave Lane founded the brand in 1989 in hopes of making better climbing products based on his experience out on the rocks Renamed in 1991 to Arcteryx a stylized abbreviation of Archaeopteryx lithographica the first known bird the brand demonstrates its enthusiasm toward evolution in clothing production processes Since the debut of its signature ergonomic Vapor climbing harness that evenly supports impact load Arcteryx has unveiled a series of innovative products like the Alpha SV a windbreaker with excellent waterproofing technology pushing the standards of the outdoor apparel to a new level Furthermore the brands designfocused urban techwear line like Veilance and System_A put the brand on the map with celebrities and members of emerging subcultures

160 pages
170 x 240 mm
ISBN 9791160361391

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