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Michella Bredahl Love Me Again

Michella Bredahl Love Me Again

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Bredahl cultivates spaces for feminine energy and empowerment through an ongoing, introspective practice of tender and intimate portraiture.

In "Love Me Again," Danish photographer and filmmaker Michella Bredahl delves into feminine energy over a decade, capturing intimate portraits of friends and acquaintances. Through portraiture, Bredahl reclaims and empowers this energy, allowing it to express itself freely and without shame.

Following in the footsteps of influential female portraitists like Goldin, Day, Sarfati, and Lawson, Bredahl's portraits emerge from introspection and self-examination. Raised in a turbulent environment in the Hje Gladsaxe Vulnerable Residential Area near Copenhagen, Bredahl found herself objectified and subjected to male gaze at a young age when scouted as a model. "Love Me Again" serves as her reclaiming of power, showcasing femininity alongside sexuality, safety, and unfiltered reality.

Bredahl delves into the safety of home, capturing women in their most relaxed and natural states: texting on messy beds, cuddling on chilly mornings, rummaging through medicine cabinets, or waiting for the bathtub to fill. Her subjects, her self-chosen family, embody recognition and revisitation of domestic trauma, transformed into something beautiful and empowering through her lens.

"Love Me Again" introduces a fresh voice in portraiture, avoiding clichs of empowerment, emancipation, or resistance. Instead, it gracefully and solidarily highlights the quiet miracles of contemporary womanhood and the power of feminine joy.

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