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Nagy Shaker: An Experimental Graphic Artist of the Egyptian Avant-Garde

Nagy Shaker: An Experimental Graphic Artist of the Egyptian Avant-Garde

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Nagy Shaker (19322018) hailed from the suburbs of Cairo, Egypt, where he emerged as a pioneering figure in design. Regarded as one of the most influential personalities in the annals of modern Egyptian design, Shaker left an indelible mark on the landscape. Renowned as the godfather of modern Egyptian puppetry, he introduced this art form to Egypt, forever intertwining his name with its legacy. Shaker's creative prowess extended to designing and directing seminal performances for the Egyptian Puppet Theater Company, most notably the iconic "El-Leila el-Kebira" (The Grand Night, 1960). His contributions to Egyptian theater and film included breathtaking sets and costume designs, elevating the artistic standards of the industry.

Beyond the stage, Shaker made significant contributions to editorial design, working with esteemed publications like Dar El-Hilal and others in Cairo. In 1980, he established his own multidisciplinary design studio, undertaking diverse projects in graphic design for organizations like UNICEF, as well as for cinema and publishing houses. His innovative graphic design solutions revolutionized cinema poster design and introduced a modernist approach to editorial design. Through his role as a teacher and mentor, Shaker influenced a new generation of Egyptian designers, shaping the trajectory of graphic and three-dimensional design not only in Egypt but also across the Arab region.

In addition to showcasing Nagy Shaker's extensive portfolio of design projects, this book offers an intimate glimpse into his persona, creative process, and life story, narrated in his own words through interviews woven throughout its pages.

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