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Namio Harukawa

Namio Harukawa

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The inaugural posthumous publication of the artist Namio Harukawa (May 1947 April 24, 2020), dedicated to Harukawas archive of seldom-seen creations released by Baron.

Crafting an innovative visual lexicon through the medium of graphite sketches, Harukawa devoted six decades to his craft under the pseudonym Namio Harukawa, a name derived from rearranging letters in "Naomi," an homage to Junichir_ Tanizakis literary work, and actress Masumi Harukawa, which he retained until his passing in 2020. Forniphilia and domination were enduring themes that captivated and consumed Harukawa both in his creative pursuits and in his personal life. His oeuvre typically depicted curvaceous women exerting dominance and subjecting smaller men to humiliation. Garnering international exhibition opportunities and critical acclaim, from figures like Oniroku Dan to Madonna, his art has experienced a resurgence in contemporary relevance through social media platforms, attracting attention from feminists and advocates of liberation alike. Additionally, the book features an essay penned by scholar Pernilla Ellens, known for her editorial roles in publications such as Post Butt and The true meaning of S.M.H., with design contributions by Sam Boxer, the Art Director of Gut Magazine.

Hardback Book
76 pages
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