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New Aesthetic 3 A Collection of Experimental and Independent Type Design

New Aesthetic 3 A Collection of Experimental and Independent Type Design

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Design and art undergo perpetual evolution. In both realms, there's a choice: either risk stagnation, becoming relics of a bygone era, or embrace change, fostering experimentation for deeper, more resonant outcomes. New Aesthetic explores avant-garde, self-directed font design as a fusion of artistry and design. Typography has ingrained itself in our visual communication lexicon, whether in print or digital mediums, fortifying the impact of visual narratives.

Traditional typography was tailored to our reading and writing habits. Yet, in this era of flux and adaptation, our world undergoes seismic shifts, accommodating emerging technologies. As designers, our creative journey mirrors our imaginative prowess in shaping contemporary visual discourse, injecting elements of visual intrigue and defying conventional norms. What if typography were viewed through a lens of playfulness, not merely as an end product but as an ongoing experimental voyage? There lies potential in blurring the boundaries of legibility and functionality, pushing the envelope of emotional resonance, and embracing unorthodox approaches to modern design. Typographic systems offer diverse interpretations, with each designer crafting unique styles and imbuing new meanings for users to unravel. The interplay of typefaces with individual words can be deemed an artistic endeavor in itself. New Aesthetic aspires to cultivate an ecosystem where the expressive essence of typography converges, fostering originality over traditional ideals of perfection.

272 pages
ISBN 978-3-9820440-9-5
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