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Loose Joints

Nigel Shafran The Well

Nigel Shafran The Well

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Shafran's journey into the realm of commercial photography commenced in the mid-1980s during his teenage years, extending through his influential tenure with iconic magazines like i-D and The Face, and culminating in a recent resurgence characterized by his distinctive, unpretentious approach to fashion shoots, notably within the pages of Vogue and other prominent publications. It is only recently that Shafran, renowned for his nuanced and intimate method of intertwining converging photographic narratives, has come to recognize his ongoing involvement with the commercial sphere as a project in its own right. "The Well" serves as a platform for critiquing and contemplating the worlds of fashion from within, infusing Shafran's signature simplicity and ability to disarm viewers into this complex and charged industry.

This groundbreaking publication, overseen by editor and designer Linda van Deursen, offers a comprehensive chronicle of Shafran's dualistic approach to photography both commercial and non-commercial interspersed with interviews and reflections shared between Shafran and his contemporaries.

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