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Pauls Book Collier Schorr

Pauls Book Collier Schorr

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Collier Schorr encountered Paul Hameline, a young French artist and model, in New York City in 2015. Introduced through mutual acquaintances, Paul visited Collier's home for a 'go-see,' a session where a photographer assesses a model's appearance in front of the camera. As Paul's family resides in the Marais district of Paris, near Collier's lodging while in the city, they began a collaboration lasting two years. During this time, Collier visited Paul at his parents' home, engaging in conversations and capturing images. The project aimed for photography to serve as a social medium, facilitating a dialogue where Paul's body and Collier's eyes could explore each other's fascinations and fantasies. Many of these photographs were featured in Re Edition magazine. "Pauls Book" expands upon this magazine feature, offering a broader exploration of how a photographer and model seek profound revelations through simple movements and varying degrees of undress.

Youth may be fleeting, but this book is not New York Times

The images are startlingly intimate, with Hameline floating effortlessly inside his bedroom, unencumbered by any expectation of what the final image may be. Interview Magazine

When it came to doing their first shoot together in 2015, American photographer Collier Schorr and French model Paul Hameline already felt like friends, largely thanks to Instagram. Now, at the ages of 55 and 23 respectively, their friendship proves how inconsequential age really is. Vogue

A fascinating symbiotic feat SLEEK Magazine

There is a common assumption about youth which is: Youth is about youth. But that isnt really true. Youth is really about the past. Youth is not the pool that young men gaze adoringly into it is the pool that old men gaze in, in order to measure the distance their bodies have traveled. - Collier Schorr

Quarter-bound hardcover
24 x 31 cm, 144 pages

ISBN: 978-1-912339-56-3
October 2019
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