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Pictures by Ken Miller

Pictures by Ken Miller

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In today's world, photographs saturate our daily lives, appearing almost everywhere however, "PICTURES" demonstrates that photographs can also encompass a vast range of forms and concepts. This collection brings together abstract and non-representational photography, showcasing a contemporary generation of photographers who are reshaping traditional definitions of the photographic image.

Inspired by the early possibilities of photography as a 'new' medium in the 19th century, these artists experiment with the camera, printing techniques, and even natural light to produce vividly colorful images that defy conventional notions of photography. In doing so, they continue the rich tradition of the interplay between photography and fine art, where innovations in photography often influence contemporary artistic practices. Rather than focusing solely on the subjects captured in the photographs, "PICTURES" invites us to contemplate the essence of photography itself.

Featuring over 200 large photographs from nearly 50 artists, the book begins with an introductory section showcasing works by legendary photographers such as Man Ray and Imogen Cunningham, as well as cult figures like Guy Bourdin and Saul Leiter. The main section presents extensive portfolios by contemporary artists and fashion photographers, including Wolfgang Tillmans, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Barbara Kasten, Matthew Stone, and many more. Additionally, the book includes a folded poster by photographer Harley Weir.

Artists featured in "PICTURES" include:
- Wolfgang Tillmans
- Hiroshi Sugimoto
- Guy Bourdin
- Saul Leiter
- Barbara Kasten
- Man Ray
- Matthew Stone
- John Divola
- Imogen Cunningham
- David Benjamin Sherry
- Sam Falls
- Catherine Opie
- Daisuke Yokota
- Sara VanDerBeek
- Thomas Ruff
- Uta Barth
- Tauba Auerbach
- Marcelo Gomes
- Mariah Robertson
- Leslie Hewitt
- Walead Beshty
- László Moholy-Nagy
- Taisuke Koyama
- Jim Mangan
- Harry Callahan
- Lea Colombo
- and more.
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