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Pin-Up - Issue #36 - Under Construction

Pin-Up - Issue #36 - Under Construction

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Few things are more mind-bending than the process of building. During the messy stages of construction, every wall, column, and floor represents a step toward completion. But what if the job is never finished? In today's world, where the illusion of certainty no longer holds, humanity finds itself in a perpetual state of ambiguity—one we must either embrace or endure.

This challenge is easier during times of peace than war, when carefully built worlds are not only mercilessly destroyed but every effort is made to crush all hope of liberation and reconstruction. Architects, however, don’t have to side with the victors. As custodians of memory, they can foster hope and connection even when destruction seems irreversible.

Construction is not just about physical structures; it’s about the intangible spaces we inhabit—the realms of imagination, creativity, and possibility. It's about those who dare to challenge the status quo and redefine the boundaries of what is possible. This issue is dedicated to those whose minds are perpetually building.

Please don’t excuse our appearance while we’re under construction—it’s the only way we know to be. Embrace the process, for it is in these stages that true innovation and resilience are born.

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