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Politics of Public Space - Volume 5

Politics of Public Space - Volume 5

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Publisher: OFFICE
ISBN: 9780648770244
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 165 x 240mm
Pages: 280

"The Politics of Public Space Volume Five" brings together all four previously sold-out volumes along with nine new conversations featuring Gary Foley, Alison Young, Lily Éire Parsons, Uncle Dave Wandin, Wendy Steele, Polly Stanton, Olivia Daw, and more. This new volume builds upon previous ideas and approaches, advocating for improved outcomes in the built environment that prioritize environmental, social, economic, and culturally equitable experiences in public spaces.

Originating in 2018 as a public lecture series curated by OFFICE, "The Politics of Public Space" discussions took place in unconventional settings such as Melbourne's street corners, laneways, parks, shopping strips, and plazas. By meeting in various locations across the city, these discussions aimed to address the city's forms and the issues surrounding their development. Initially comprising short talks and interviews, the project evolved into the release of four volumes of transcripts, capturing the perspectives of 39 speakers. These diverse viewpoints highlight the varied and sometimes conflicting notions of what public space entails, how it is utilized, and how it should be designed and governed.

The previous four volumes of "The Politics of Public Space" aimed to expose the growing inequality within cities, and OFFICE hopes that the additional nine texts in Volume Five will propose pathways towards more equitable public spaces. These pathways include the involvement of diverse and marginalized communities in planning and design, as well as the integration of both bottom-up approaches and top-down policies to effect change. Throughout all volumes, OFFICE has sought innovative ways to emphasize the critical importance of public spaces in shaping contemporary living and in envisioning fair and just futures.
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