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POPEYE Magazine – Issue 922

POPEYE Magazine – Issue 922

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POPEYE magazine is dubbed as the "Magazine for Urban Dwellers" in Japanese.

The founders emblazoned this phrase on the magazine's cover upon its debut in 1976. But what exactly is a "city boy"? It's a term absent from dictionaries, elusive to expert definitions, yet subject to endless speculation. Over decades, the discourse around it remains vibrant, encompassing elements of style and mindset. To truly grasp the essence of a city boy, delve into the pages of POPEYE magazine.

Popeye Issue 922: Style Sample 24

In this edition, we present 25 districts and 383 style exemplars, segmented into 7 categories:
- Urban "City", reflecting metropolitan vibes
- Practical "Countryside", grounded in rustic living
- "Athletic Feelings", showcasing global sports communities
- "Traditional Crafts", spotlighting brands from India and Africa
- "Deep Looking", scrutinizing attire and the concept of "TPO" (Time, Place, Occasion)
- "Photographers Eye", featuring images captured with keen sensitivity.

Take a perusal, ponder deeply, and unearth your unique style for the year ahead!

Popeye Magazine is in Japanese

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