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& Premium Issue #124. Feb. 2024 - The Guide To A Better Life

& Premium Issue #124. Feb. 2024 - The Guide To A Better Life

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In November 2013, the publication & Premium" made its debut, heralding itself as "The Guide to a better Life." Since then, our focus has remained on crafting magazines that enrich various aspects of life, including fashion, home dcor, everyday essentials, skincare, culinary delights, globe-trotting adventures, and cultural exploration. Our aim extends beyond mere aesthetic appreciation we encourage our readers to immerse themselves in the beauty around them, to appreciate the finer details, and to prioritize self-care. Hence, our fundamental principle revolves around finding contentment through a life well-lived.

The specialty of the month.

Anko (red bean paste) and Kinako (soybean flour).
Once you take a bite of these sweets, you will be filled with feelings of happiness. Don't you also believe that sweets made from red bean paste and soy flour have a mysterious power? The range of Anko sweets varies from standard sweets such as Dorayaki, Daifuku, Taiyaki, Monaka, and Odango (dumplings) to Western-style sweets. Kinako (soy flour) is also an essential partner for rice cakes and sticky rice, such as Warabi-Mochi and Ohagi (rice cakes), delighting us with a variety of flavors like cookies and ice cream. Both Anko and Kinako are made from beans and are also delicious "Mame-mame" or lucky snacks. In this edition, we present you with a generous selection of sweet and delicate Anko and Kinako treats that melt on the tongue.

Language: Japanese only
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