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Ray´s A Laugh - Richard Billingham

Ray´s A Laugh - Richard Billingham

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First published in 1996 to enormous acclaim, Richard Billingham’s "Ray’s a Laugh" stands as one of the most significant photobooks of the late twentieth century and a cornerstone of the Young British Artists generation. The book features starkly intimate images of Billingham’s often chaotic parental home, deeply affected by alcoholism and poverty. Initially produced in the 1990s with editors Michael Collins and Julian Germain, this new edition restores Billingham’s original vision for his deeply personal work for the first time.

This edition includes numerous unseen images and a distinct approach to sequencing, influenced by Billingham’s training as a painter, making it a 'director’s cut' that reintroduces a vital and consistently challenging work for a new era.

Accompanying this new edition is "Ray’s a Laugh: A Reader," edited by Liz Jobey. The reader traces the book’s compelling history from Billingham’s 'discovery' at Sunderland University, through his Turner Prize nomination, to the present reworked edition.

Experience the enduring impact of Richard Billingham's "Ray’s a Laugh" and delve into the newly restored and expanded edition of this iconic photobook.

The book comes also with the reader. check it out on our site.

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