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Reza Shafahi, The Diary of a Gambler

Reza Shafahi, The Diary of a Gambler

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The Iranian artist Reza Shafahi (born 1940) embarked on his artistic career later in life, starting in his seventies after years of being estranged from his family and battling a gambling addiction. His journey into art began when his son, the artist Mamali Shafahi, invited him to join in a daily drawing practice. Now, for the first time, a comprehensive collection of Reza's artwork is showcased in a dedicated volume, offering a glimpse into the breadth of his creative expression. Edited by Jina Khayyer, "Reza Shafahi: The Diary of a Gambler" features a curated selection of his artwork, curated by Mamali and Tony Cox, the owner of Club Rhubarb in New York City, where Reza held his debut solo exhibition in 2019.

Reza's compelling narrative was first shared in Apartamento magazine's issue #29, and "Reza Shafahi: The Diary of a Gambler" includes a firsthand retelling of Khayyer's original interview. Classic poems by Rumi, Khayyam, Saadi, and the contemporary poet Forough Farrokhzad—whose works profoundly influenced Reza's vibrant and sensual creationsare presented both in Farsi and in English translation. Additional contributions by Mamali, Cox, Michael Bullock, and Martha Kirszenbaum offer further insight into Reza's artistic journey, which, as noted by Kirszenbaum, radiates with "a touch of glow and softness."

192 pages
297 x 215 mm
ISBN: 978-84-09-50073-4
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