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Do Your Own Thing

Do Your Own Thing

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"Do Your Own Thing" is a non-fiction work by artist and musician Richard Phoenix, chronicling his involvement in a vibrant underground arts community you likely haven't encountered: Do Your Own Thing, an initiative organized by Heart n Soul, an organization dedicated to learning disability arts. Exploring the transformative power of empowering young creatives to pursue their desired music and art, this book introduces vital new perspectives, reflections, and considerations to the established ethos of 'Do It Yourself' (DIY) culture. With Phoenix's distinctive and candid narrative style, the book prompts us to reconsider our often oversimplified understanding of DIY aesthetics, particularly in relation to questions of accessibility, support, and the dynamics of permission in artistic creation. It takes us beyond the typical discussions found in funding reports, transforming the project into a collaborative, polyphonic, and joyful artistic endeavor.

168 pages
13 x 17 cm
ISBN 9781914236310

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