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Ropemasks (And Gloves) 2010-2022 - Bertjan Pot

Ropemasks (And Gloves) 2010-2022 - Bertjan Pot

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Bertjan Pot is renowned for his innovative designs, most notably the Random Light (1999) and his vibrant Masks made from colorful rope. Both the Random Light and Masks began as material research projects, which is the foundation of all of Pot's creations. His works typically evolve into interior products that showcase a fascination with techniques, structures, patterns, and colors.

Pot's creative process often starts impulsively, driven by curiosity about how things function or appear. This curiosity leads him to tackle challenges, sometimes in collaboration with manufacturers, to explore possibilities and push boundaries. Each completed challenge brings the reward of a new one, fueling continuous innovation.

Discover the captivating world of Bertjan Pot's designs, where experimentation and creativity merge to produce extraordinary interior products.

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