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Science of the Secondary 14: T-shirt - Atelier Hoko

Science of the Secondary 14: T-shirt - Atelier Hoko

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Author: Atelier Hoko
Publisher: Atelier Hoko
ISBN: 9789811866852
Idea Code: 23819
Format: 18 x 25 cm

Delve into the intriguing world of "Exploration of Plainness" by Atelier Hoko. Unravel the mysteries surrounding the act of wearing a simple T-shirt—questioning the hyper-awareness it triggers, the arousal of sensory organs, and the heightened sense of responsibility it instills in the wearer. This thought-provoking exploration challenges perspectives on whether this super-sensitivity is seen as refreshing or unnecessary paranoia, especially concerning plain, light-colored T-shirts. The 60-page publication, filled with color and black-and-white illustrations, is presented in an 18 x 25 cm paperback format, inviting readers to ponder the nuanced realm of this seemingly unassuming garment.

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