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Slanted Magazine #43 - Ukrainian

Slanted Magazine #43 - Ukrainian

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This issue of Slanted magazine focuses on the lives of remarkable individuals in the creative industry from and in Ukraine. It highlights their efforts to maintain a sense of normalcy while working diligently. The narrative emphasizes the strong connection between culture and design, questioning its sustainability in challenging times.

During the NEED conference in Warsaw in September 2023, the Ukrainian delegation inspired the Slanted team to create a magazine dedicated to the Ukrainian design scene, emphasizing the importance of acting now. This endeavor would not have been possible without their invaluable assistance and courage. Slanted's editorial policy avoids focusing on a city or country unless physical presence is possible, as capturing the essence of a place requires being there. However, as connections grow, the tension individuals face becomes increasingly clear, highlighting the widespread effects of current events.

With nearly 1,500 submissions, the selection process was challenging and subjective. Despite careful considerations, every decision, formulation, and work may be perceived as flawed, inadequate, or misunderstood. The issue features 20 interviews with designers and creatives both inside and outside of Ukraine, offering a range of insights and perspectives.

Many of the featured works and texts reflect on the ongoing war, which has lasted for over two years. Yet, there is hope for its resolution and a desire for design discussions to shift towards other topics in the future. This issue serves as a contemporary time capsule, showcasing the impact of design and Slanted Publishers' commitment to the cause.

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