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Everyday Namokcook

Ten Simple Korean Recipes

Ten Simple Korean Recipes

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Namok is my mother's name, and her cooking holds a special place in my heart. Growing up, I was fortunate to enjoy her delicious home-cooked meals, which set the standard of taste for me. While her cooking didn't always adhere to traditional methods, she crafted her own unique style, which I like to call Namok cooking.

When I left South Korea and started living alone in a foreign country, I found myself craving the dishes my mother used to make. I attempted to recreate her meals, drawing on memories of her flavors and techniques. Even though the ingredients and environment were different from what I was used to, I discovered that I could still infuse my cooking with a taste reminiscent of home.

In Korean culture, there's a concept called "son-mat," which emphasizes that each cook brings their own unique touch to a dish. This personal touch, born out of love and effort, gives Korean cuisine its distinct flavor. While many people may perceive Korean cooking as complex, I believe it can be both simple and healthy. You don't always have to follow strict recipes instead, you can adapt Korean flavors using locally sourced ingredients, even from your neighborhood farmer's market.

With the Namok Cookbook, I aim to make Korean cuisine accessible for everyday cooking. This book features simple and easy-to-follow recipes for homemade meals that capture the essence of Korean flavors. Each recipe is accompanied by stories that provide insight into the delicious flavors and memories behind the dishes.

Written primarily in English, with some parts in Korean, this cookbook is designed to bring the joy of Korean cooking into your everyday life in a fun and approachable manner.

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