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The City as a Project. Edited by Pier Vittorio Aureli

The City as a Project. Edited by Pier Vittorio Aureli

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The urban landscape is commonly portrayed as a form of spontaneously organized disorder. This compilation of essays, curated by Pier Vittorio Aureli, argues for the contrary perspective: The city invariably emerges from deliberate political intent, often materializing in the form of specific architectural initiatives. Urban environments are not solely shaped by physical influences but also by cultural and educational aspirations. This proposition is supported by eight meticulously researched essays exploring a diverse array of urban scenarios spanning over two millennia: from the political theology of the Islamic city to the political economy of Renaissance architecture from the emergence of public architecture in 17th-century France to the laissez-faire evolution of the contemporary Greek city from the instructive principles of Jean-Nicolas-Louis Durand to the collaborative endeavors of Hannes Meyer and from the layout of the Mesoamerican metropolis to that of the Fordist factory floor. By challenging the division between theory and practice, "The City as a Project" unveils the potent ways in which the city is shaped by the ongoing interplay between ideas and spatial dynamics.

Featuring writings from various authors, including individuals such as Pier Vittorio Aureli, Fernando Donis, Hamed Khosravi, Amir Djalali, Maria Shhrazade Giudici, Christopher C. M. Lee, Francesco Marullo, Bernardina Borra, and Platon Issaias.
336 pages
185 x 255
ISBN: 978-3-944074-06-1

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