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The Dailies (Expanded Edition) Thomas Demand

The Dailies (Expanded Edition) Thomas Demand

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"The Dailies" presents snapshots of a world at once familiar and strangely surreal. Utilizing Thomas Demand's renowned technique of crafting, photographing, and dismantling intricate paper models, this series captures mundane yet significant moments inspired by iPhone snapshots. When viewed collectively, they form a catalog of traces remnants of consumption, hints of recently departed individuals, and echoes of objects left behind. Demand likens the series to Haiku poetry: simple fragments arranged to provoke contemplation and prompt us to reassess our everyday existence. Through their minimalist repetition, which induces a sense of dj vu, these images encourage us to look anew and uncover the profound beauty in the ordinary.

This expanded edition compiles Demand's entire series to date, complemented by an extended essay by critic Hal Foster.

Flexibound hardcover with tipped-in image
21.5 x 24.5 cm, 96 pages

ISBN 978-1-913620-94-3
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