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The Neubad Plakat

The Neubad Plakat

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In the Swiss province, nestled at the base of picturesque mountains by a serene lake, a unique biotope of avant-garde design has emerged. The city of Lucerne, known as the self-proclaimed "Poster Town," has seamlessly blended the lines between art and design, creating a cutting-edge design phenomenon.

Lucerne's Neubad Cultural Center is renowned for its minimalist black-and-white posters, which have gained international acclaim. These posters set contemporary design trends and challenge our perceptions with their progressive illustration and experimental typography. They establish subcultural codes on a high-cultural level, all while maintaining an unpretentious artistic flair.

The Neubad Plakat stands out as an aesthetic marvel, symbolizing the social changes reflected in fashion, music, and design—ultimately embodying the spirit of the times. This curated collection, presented in a book, encapsulates the emerging aesthetic and formulates a new expression of this modern visual culture.

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