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The Real Deal. Post-Fossil Construction for Game Changers

The Real Deal. Post-Fossil Construction for Game Changers

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Approximately half of the extracted raw materials contribute to the formation of the world's constructed landscape. Construction activities result in an estimated one-third of the world's total waste and at least 40% of global carbon dioxide emissions. These statistics are profound. However, they also imply that the construction industry holds the potential to significantly aid in mitigating the climate emergency, provided it can break away from the confines of "business as usual." The construction sector has immense opportunities to play a meaningful role in addressing the climate crisis and exploring new business avenues in the era of digitalization. Success hinges on the active involvement of all stakeholders, spanning from architects and users to builders and investors.

In a series of concise essays, the book unfolds a worldwide perspective on economic, social, and ecological transformations within the industry. It sheds light on the experiences of diverse market participants through interviews, showcases instances of best practices, and ultimately dispels prevalent misconceptions surrounding sustainable construction. This book, tailored for both practitioners and policymakers, aims to dismantle barriers entrenched in our thoughts, legal frameworks, and practices.

240 pages
120 x 200 mm
ISBN: 978-3-944074-50-4

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