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Vincen Beeckman: Les Eternels

Vincen Beeckman: Les Eternels

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Les Eternels is a collection of different visual and textual contents collected and created by the Brussels-based artist Vincen Beeckman. In the past years, he collaborated with various social projects in his city and for this particular project, he collaborated with some of the most amazing seniors in town. The book becomes a collection of emotions, moments, actions, stories that show how the perception of this class of people is completely distorted, and we can keep being incredible if mentally we stay young. Long live to stories, long live to people.

"Here begins this chronicle of meeting with those who have lived longer. Always fascinated by their stories, their follies, their memories, their discrepancies, their beautiful maladjustment to the speed of current life, their well-deserved rest"

96 pages
24 x 32 cm
Hardcover printed with white and silver on black paper
ISBN 978-88-94492-83-5
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