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Viscose Journal

Viscose Journal - Issue #4 "Trans"

Viscose Journal - Issue #4 "Trans"

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This special issue of Viscose critically explores the numerous relationships between transness and fashion. The issue sets out to ask two ambivalent questions: what is a fashion theory of transness, and what might a trans theory of fashion be? Viscose 04 productively confronts fashion studies with trans aesthetics and trans studies, and attempts to excavate the largely invisible archives of trans history that form the underside of fashion itself.

The issue features a wealth of archival and contemporary moments of trans fashion production spanning 50 years. The cover celebrates histories of independent queer publishing, and doubles as a detachable poster.

Co-published in collaboration with Leslie Lohman Museum, New York

172 pp
33 x 25  x1,5cm
Language: English

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