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A/part Curations

A/part Volume 01

A/part Volume 01

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Volume 01 measures 16.8x25.1 mm and comprises 128 pages. Despite the art scene's critical examination of societal inequalities, artists find themselves entrenched in an industry driven by market forces, Eurocentrism, and pronounced disparities. Factors like networking and financial backing often wield more influence over an artist's success than their actual talent.

The aim of a/part curations is to provide a platform for creatives worldwide to showcase their work and narratives, regardless of their level of recognition.

The magazine strives not only to spotlight established artists but also to feature a diverse array of creatives with promising potential and captivating personalities across various art forms. In addition to interviews and artwork showcases, readers will find articles, spaces, and events catered to creatives and much more.

Readers are invited to join in and explore the magazine's pages, embracing the myriad voices and talents within the creative community.
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